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We have stopped accepting new orders because we are less than 3 weeks to the election And we want to be sure that orders arrive in time. Thanks for your interest and Go Donald Trump 2020

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The pricing for items is shown at the top of each of the sections. Next to each item indicate the number that you’d like to order. Scroll down and you’ll see your totals at the bottom.

Bumper Stickers

(Size: 9” x 3”)
Pricing: 1st - $3, 2nd - $2, each additional $1

yard signs

(Size: 24” x 18”)
Pricing: 1st - $16, 2nd - $14, each additional $12
Yard Sign, 24 inch, Wire H Stakes
These are a pain to pack and ship, so if you have your own, or can make your own, it will save you some money.

Pricing: 1st - $2, each additional $1
A Perfect
Trump Campaign
Rally Song
American Dream By Lindsey Todd
Release, January 2020
Genre: Country

Lindsey wrote the song as a tribute to her two grandfathers who, through their hard work, gave her the chance to live the American dream. It celebrates immigrants, hard work, family, God, patriotism and the American dream.
Shipping Note: US Post Office shipping has become expensive. We don’t want these costs to stop you from placing an order, so our shipping costs are at our cost, namely:

Small Parcels: Bumper stickers only, up to 4 lbs, $1.99

Larger Parcels: Yard signs or wire stakes, up to 7 lbs, $7.99
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American Dream